Guildford u3a Photography Group – Data Privacy Statement

The Data Privacy Statement of Guildford u3a Photography Group (the ‘Group’) sets out, in respect of the Group’s members, what information we collect, how we collect it, and what we do with it. This Statement applies to the Group’s members and a copy may be downloaded from the Group’s website.

Information about you

1.1 Your information

This refers to a combination of information such as your name, address, u3a membership number and contact details (e.g. telephone numbers and e-mail address).

Your information is collected when you join the Group and when requested from you in relation to specific activities and other events (e.g. Group Photoshoots). Relevant information will also be collected from you when you submit photographs to the Group’s photo galleries.

Your name and image will be visible to other Group members during on-line ‘Zoom’ meetings and in any recording of those meetings.

The Group is a part of the Guildford u3a and your u3a membership information will be held on the Guildford u3a ‘Beacon’ system; your attention is drawn to their data protection policy. gdprgu3adataprotectionpolicyversion3.pdf (

We will update your information whenever we can, to keep it current, accurate and complete.

1.2 Our use of your information

(1) For contacting you in respect of the activities of the Group and related events and also in respect of other matters that might be of interest to members of the Group;

(2) In order to facilitate the administration of the Group, e.g.; preparation of name tags, publication of the Group’s programme and rotas for the support of the Group’s meetings;

(3) To identify the photographer of images displayed in the Group’s photo ‘galleries’ that may be displayed on the Group’s website, whether or not they are held as private images on Flickr; this may include, name, the location and date of the photograph, any title given to the photograph by the photographer and other relevant technical details;

(4) For the purpose of ensuring that data held on the Guildford u3a ‘Beacon’ system is adequate and complete.

(5) Photographs of you may be taken during the Group’s meetings and other activities and may be published on the Group’s website and submitted to the Guildford u3a for inclusion in their publicity and communications materials, including their website.

 We respect our members’ right to privacy and should a member wish to have a photograph removed from the Group’s website then they should contact the Group’s designated leader.

1.3 Use of Flickr

The Group makes use of ‘Flickr’ to support the aims of the Group and share photographs on its website and between Group members.

Each group member will be invited to establish a personal ‘Flickr’ account and to become a member of the ‘Guildford U3A Photography Group’ on the Flickr website and the U3a Guildford Rotorua Exchange Group’ to enable them to upload photographs to the Group’s photo galleries for review and comment.  These photographs once uploaded to the ‘Guildford U3A Photography Group on Flickr may be visible to Flickr members other than the members of this Group (except for any images which the member has chosen to designate as private) and in accordance with the Flickr terms and conditions of use.  These are available to members through their personal Flickr account.  

2.0 Your rights

You are entitled to a copy of the information we hold about you and can request that this information is corrected, deleted or restricted to a specific purpose.

Requests must be submitted in writing to the Group’s designated leader / administrator via the ‘contact’ feature at the Group’s website.

3.0 Security statement

We will take reasonable steps and have in place appropriate security measures to protect your information.

4.0 Changes to this statement

Any changes to this Statement will be published on our website.

February 2021