Program 2023/2024 etc

Hello everybody – for those who made yesterday’s meeting, I hope you enjoyed the ‘Images of Antarctica’ by Mark Randall I personally thought this was very interesting from both a photographic aspect as well as more generally.

I have attached the slide deck from yesterday that includes tags for the next meeting – which will be on Wednesday 11th October – this includes details of tags to be used for phot submissions. The website will be updated with this information in due course’

June Photoshoot

Gachou is unavailable to run the photoshoot this month but the location is Polesden Lacey so please feel free to visit independently over the summer and submit any photos on ‘Aspects of Polesden Lacey’ to the photoshoot gallery for October (2 per member). shoot-2023-10

Summer Assignment

Our Summer Assignment is on the topic ‘Being on holiday’ – so loads of scope. Gallery submissions – 2 per member to the October assignments gallery please ass-2023-10

October members Gallery

One photo per member – any topic using tag mem-2023-10

2023-24 Programme

I will aim to circulate the draft 2023-24 programme sometime in late August. If you have any ideas for the programme, would like to propose a topic or more importantly offer to source or deliver material for the programme, please do let me know, as putting the programme together is quite challenging.

October & November Photoshoots

Unfortunately, Gachou is not available for the October or November photoshoots – if any member would like to offer to oversee these, please do contact me.

2023-24 Membership

I shall be grateful if you will confirm your intentions vis a vis membership of the Group for next year by return e-mail.


My thanks to the coregroup members for their immense support throughout the last year in delivering the programme, helping with the meetings, keeping the website running, running photoshoot, providing tea and coffee etc, it is really appreciated by all of us.

Sadly Michael Wheeler, after many years, has decided to take a strep back from the coregroup next year, my thanks to Michael for his ‘long service’. Please contact me if you would like to join us on the coregroup and assist deliver the Group’s programme.

Rotorua Exchange

Just a reminder that the Rotorua Exchange topic this year is ‘Buildings and Architecture’ – more details to follow in the Autumn re submission criteria etc.

Finally – my thanks to all of you who contributed photos to the various galleries this year – this is an important part of the programme and it was great to see such high levels of participation – we look forward to seeing more of your photos next year.

Kind regards