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Yellow is one of the primary colours and is usually associated with, joy, sunshine, warmth and nature (eg autumn, spring flowers etc) but sometimes warning, treachery and betrayal.

•Yellow can also be applied as a creative tool in photography. The ’Golden hour’, is the period of daylight that occurs just after sunrise and just before sunset and has a distinctively yellow hue. During this window, daylight is at its softest and warmest.

•Yellow has strong historical and cultural significance in China, where it is the colour of glory, royalty, happiness, and wisdom. However, in many Latin American cultures, yellow is associated with death, sorrow, and mourning and similarly in some parts of the Middle East.

•In Japanese culture, yellow signifies courage, refinement and wealth (associated with gold

•In Africa, yellow is worn to signify high ranking members of a community. Saffron, a bright orange – yellow is considered sacred in India etc, representing selflessness and courage.

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