December Notices

• Next meeting Wednesday 12 th January 2022 14:00 16:00hrs Jefferies Hall (photo
submissions by Sunday 9 th January please ). Please note that we are hoping to provide an
opportunity for a ‘hybrid’ meeting for those unable or preferring not to attend a full ‘face
to face’ meeting. The meeting content is available on the programme page of our

Photoshoot (details to be sent by e mail) Friday 17th December 14:00hrs 16:00hrs
Christmas Lights Guildford High Street (please advise Gachou if you wish to attend). If
you cannot attend the photoshoot itself but would like to independently visit Guildford
and take photos on this theme, please feel free to do so.

• Tags for January meeting –

members gallery mem-2022-01 ;

photoshoot gallery shoot-2022-01

with a limit of one photo for the members gallery and two for the photoshoot gallery.

Please remember to share your photos with our Flickr Group as well as adding the tags.

• Members gallery theme ––‘all things Santa’ (but also feel free to submit a photo of you
choice if you prefer).

• Finally may I wish all of our members a very happy Christmas and New Year.