Summer Assignments

• Next meeting Wednesday 13th October 2021  14:00 – 16:00hrs – at Jefferies Hall (we hope !!)

• Photoshoot (details sent by e-mail)  22nd Sept 14:00 – 16:00hrs – Frensham Little Pond (please advise Gachou if you wish to attend ) . Please use the tag photo-2021-09 for your submissions. Then share them with the Group. Up to 3 submissions can be made, a landscape, a close up and a burst shot.

• Rotorua Exchange;

– Topic; ‘Tools & Implements

– Submissions during October to the U3a Guildford Rotorua Exchange Flickr Group (1 per member), 

Tag exch-2021-10, commenting during November using Flickr.

Photo review at our December meeting

We have two assignments to work on over the summer period;

‘New Freedoms’ – an assignment to capture the emotions and mood as we move out of a long period of ‘lock downs’ and restrictions in a more normal pattern of life’ Submissions by Tuesday 31st August please.

‘Rotorua Exchange’ – this year’s topic is ‘Tools and Implements’, submissions will be required during October for commenting in November and review at our December meeting