Camera Tips

Basic Compact Checklist

Before you start

Dials and other settings may not be as you expect so always spend a few minutes with the camera’s manual and checking out the basic settings and control features and check how to do the following.

  • Select your preferred ‘shooting mode’ if available eg; auto, aperture, shutter and change as necessary during a photo session.
  • Set the image stabilisation [if available might be a button, in a menu or a shooting mode]
  • Turn the flash ‘on’ and ‘off’ as desired, and understand flash behaviour with various shooting modes [switch off for less harsh lighting]
  • Choose the macro (flower) setting for closeup photograps, [off otherwise]
  • Set ‘scene modes’ if an option
  • Adjust sensor sensitivity (ISO) settings

To take a photo

  • set zoom to suit subject
  • focus camera [point at main subject, touch/half press shutter release button to focus] respond if there are warnings eg if too close to a subject for proper focus
  • compose photo [keep shutter release button half down to maintain focus and other settings, don’t alter zoom]
  • take photo [fully press shutter release button]