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Welcome to our website.

The Guildford u3a Photography Group is a part of Guildford u3a, an educational self-help organisation for the retired or semi-retired that draws on the wealth of knowledge and experience of its members to set up study, common interest groups and recreational activities.

We hold regular monthly meeting as well as a variety of photoshoots throughout the year. There is also an annual ‘photo exchange’ with the u3a Rotorua photogroup in New Zealand, see the Rotorua pages for further information

Our members reflect a wide range of photographic skills from beginners all the way to expert amateur photographers who are always pleased to provide guidance, coaching and technical expertise in a friendly and relaxed setting.

By reviewing our photographs, we discuss and consider technical, composition and the aesthetic qualities of our work.

Whatever your camera, we will aim to help you take better photographs by exploring the creative thinking process, practical techniques and reviewing the photographs we take.

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Our Members’ Work